Important Notice Regarding PhilHealthLeak Search Tool:

This webpage is developed by the National Privacy Commission (“NPC”) in pursuance of its data protection mandate under the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (“DPA”). The primary purpose of this search tool is to empower data subjects to take proactive steps to further protect themselves from the risks associated with a personal data breach such as identity theft, financial fraud, phishing attacks, blackmail and extortion, medical identity theft, reputational damage and loss of privacy.

This webpage only requires the input of the 12 digit identification number. More specifically, it allows users to check whether their personal data may have been compromised in the incident involving Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (“PhilHealth”) files made available online on 5 October 2023 purportedly by the Medusa Ransomware Group.

We do not collect or store data using this webpage.

However, the NPC must emphasize the following:

  1. Limited Scope: This search tool is limited exclusively to a dataset purportedly released by the Medusa ransomware group on the 5 October 2023. It does not encompass the entire leaked PhilHealth database or data from other personal data breaches. Therefore, a negative result from this search does not guarantee the security of your personal data in other contexts or databases.
  2. Inconclusive Results: While every effort has been made to compile accurate and up-to-date information, the nature of data breaches and ransomware incidents is complex and constantly evolving. The absence of your personal data in this search result does not definitively confirm that your information has not been compromised.
  3. Continuous Updates: This search tool is subject to regular updates as additional information becomes available. We are committed to providing the most current and comprehensive information possible to assist you in assessing the security of your personal data.
  4. Data Privacy: We are committed to protecting your data privacy in accordance with the DPA, its Implementing Rules and Regulations and pertinent NPC’s issuances.

By using this search tool, you acknowledge and accept the limitations outlined in this privacy notice and disclaimer. We strongly encourage users to exercise caution and stay informed about the latest cybersecurity developments to protect their personal data effectively.

Please note that the situation surrounding data breaches can change rapidly, and we will make every effort to update this information as necessary. We appreciate your understanding of the limitations inherent to this PhilHealthLeak Search Tool.

Your data privacy matters, and your National Privacy Commission is here to protect it.

Date: 16 April 2024

UPDATE 1.5 – Additional 9M+ for a total of 42,089,693 million of PhilHealth Identification Number(PIN)identified including vulnerable groups (Senior Citizens, Indigent, and PWD) confirmed to be part of the leaked database.

Thank you for understanding.